K. Aniolavos paroda „Baltarusijos martirologas“ (nuotraukos iš renginio)

K. Aniolavos paroda „Baltarusijos martirologas“ (nuotraukos iš renginio)

Lapkričio 21 d. vyko Ksišos Aniolavos parodos „Baltarusijos martirologas“ atidarymas Marijos ir Jurgio Šlapelių muziejaus galerijoje (Pilies g. 40, Vilnius).

Tai Baltarusijos politinių kalinių portretų paroda, kurioje buvo eksponuojama per 450 Ksišos Aniolavos nupieštų šiuo metu Baltarusijos kalėjimuose uždarytų ir pradingusių aktyvistų.

Šią po Europos Sąjungos šalis keliaujančią parodą lydi dokumentinis filmas ir politinės diskusijos. Renginyje dalyvaus Baltarusijos žmogaus teisių aktyvistė Sviatlana Cichanouskaja ir Lietuvos politikai.

Kaip teigė menininkė, ji pradėjo šį projektą, norėdama sau padėti išgyventi tragiškus įvykius, kurie trunka Baltarusijoje jau trečius metus. Ji sakė nesustosianti kurti portretų iki paskutinio neteisingai įkalinto žmogaus. Šiuo metu Baltarusijoje kali per 1600 politinių kalinių.

Paroda ir ją lydintys projekto renginiai vyko iki lapkričio 26 d.

About the Exhibition

Exhibition of portraits of Belarusian political prisoners „Belarusian Martyrology“ by the artist Ksisza Aniolawa will take place in Vilnius in Maria and Jurgis Šlapelis House-Museum from 19 to 26 November 2023. The official opening is scheduled for 21 November, 17.30. The project of a series of exhibitions and events „Belarusian Martyrology“ and performances “Belarusian political prisoners speak” is implemented with the support of the European Union, the Danish Institute of Culture and the Belarusian Council of Culture.

Ksisza Aniolawa describes her work with the following words: „I started this series as a way to cope with the tragic events that have been happening in Belarus during the last three years. The project contains over 600 marker works on wallpaper and will not be complete until the last of those unjustly imprisoned has been painted. If we don’t accept reality and expect for it all to end by itself, we won’t be able to get out of this funnel. I recall the famous statement made by psychologist Viktor Frankl, former inmate of Nazi concentration camp. According to Frankl, the first to die were those who expected that the nightmare was about to end. And only those, who had bravery to retain ability to make personal decisions in the worst of circumstances were able to save themselves. They did not passively expect something to happen, but were convinced to the last moment that much depended on them, they took the matters in their own hands, especially in order to protect human dignity of themselves and the people around“.

Currently in Belarus there are over 1600 political prisoners. Projected on Lithuania’s populations it would mean that over 450 persons are unfairly imprisoned for political reasons. In the current year, exhibitions within the framework of the „Belarusian Martyrology“ project have already taken place in Brussels in the premises of the representation office of democratic Belarus and in Strasbourg in the building of the European Parliament and in Warsaw in the premises of the Free Word Association.

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